About Us

Drive your imagination.

Rollplay, an international brand of Goodbaby International Holdings Limited, dedicates itself to providing high-quality, featured wheeled goods that fuel safe, independent, and mobilized fun for kids. We specialize in producing fun and exciting, luxury ride-on vehicles with licenses from premium car companies like Volkswagen and BMW.

Rollplay offers some of the most realistic car designs in the industry, and all come with a long list of innovative features. On our cars you can find horn and engine sounds, opening doors, working headlights, folding mirrors, chrome features, and more.

Whether you're looking for a sleek city car, a luxury crossover, or a powerful three-wheeler, your little driver will find his or her first set of wheels from Rollplay!

In 2013, Aria Child was established by Goodbaby International Holdings, Limited to support its portfolio of consumer brands. The latter is one the leading global durable juvenile products companies, headquartered in China. With an impressive track record of over 25 years in research & development, design and testing and their own production facilities, Goodbaby sets the global standards for safety, innovation, design, and manufacturing.

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